Important Update regarding Mail Delivery to Camp

Dear Parents and Camp Families! As of next Monday there will likely be a service disruption in our mail delivery as a result of the Canada Post lockout. In anticipation of this, we would like to make a few announcements.
If you have any forms that need to get to camp (Health Forms, visitor forms, etc.) please scan and send them by email if you are able. Alternatively, you can send them with your daughter up to camp or hand them directly to the staff supervisor at the bus or at the camp landing.
Any payments can be sent by e-transfer to
Finally, we know that receiving and sending mail is an important part of life at Mi-A-Kon-Da for both campers as well as parents and family! We will do our best to increase our Facebook posts in the next couple of weeks to let everyone know how camp is going!
Mail sent by courier cannot be delivered to our camp mailbox. We are only able to pick up courier deliveries once a week when we do our shopping in town. Any mail sent by courier next week will likely not be picked up until the last day of camp for our two weekers (July 13).
If your daughter is up for the month of July, you are welcome to send mail and letters up with our camp bus that departs from the Vaughn IKEA at 10:00 am on July 15. Please ensure mail is carefully labelled and please hand it directly to one of our camp staff.
We are hopeful that the mail delivery will resume again soon, but in the meantime we will try our best to keep up communication. One thing is for sure– our Inner Camp Mailbox will be full to the brim this summer 🙂
Thanks everyone!
Fiona and Pam

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