All-Girls Camp


Why an All-Girls Camp?

There are many great advantages to choosing an all-girls camping experience. Our close-knit staff and campers form wonderful bonds over the course of the weeks, months and summers they spend together, with many campers describing their camp friends as “sisters.” Single-gender camps also break down gender-role stereotypes: at Mi-A-Kon-Da, girls do everything! Our campers pitch their own tents, build their own fires, and carry their own packs. They tackle all challenges and follow the strong examples set by our enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff members. Mi-A-Kon-Da girls are compassionate, curious, and independent. We are proud to provide them with a safe and non-judgmental space where they can feel free to be themselves.

At Camp Mi-A-Kon-Da we…

  • Empower girls to gain self-confidence and self-worth
  • Encourage girls to learn and challenge themselves, building skills and self-reliance
  • Engage girls in activities that target their interests
  • Allow girls to be themselves, free from social pressures of a co-ed environment
  • Reinforce respect and empathy for others
  • Offer a wide range of leadership opportunities
  • Inspire self-sufficiency as campers pitch tents, build fires, portage canoes, go rock climbing, and more

“Such camps not only offer positive role
models of the same gender, but also
reinforce the best parts of being a girl”
– Dr. Christopher Thurber,
Clinical Psychologist and Camp Consultant

Hear what our Community has to say:

“[Mi-A-Kon-Da] creates an atmosphere at camp where girls can take risks and exceed their own expectations, where they can explore the potential of the outdoors and learn to appreciate it, where they can gain independence and learn to co-operate with others, and where they can feel comfortable and accepted.”  Camp Alumni

“As someone with no sisters, I felt like I had a hundred at Mi-A-Kon-Da. As someone who struggled with shyness in the past, Mi-A-Kon-Da helped me realize how important it is to show the world who I am.” –Camper

“It’s great, they get to let their hair down. They do go to a coed school in the city, so I think it’s great they can be around just girls and they can grow and experience things together.” -Parent

An all-girls camp is a great chance for a little girl to come to camp. I think there’s a lot of pressures for little girls and for big girls too– it’s the same for staff and campers– but in an all-girls environment there isn’t any pressure to act a certain way. Campers can really become themselves.” -Staff Member

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