Camper FAQ

1. What is a typical day at camp like?

Here is the typical daily schedule for a day at camp:
7:30 Wake Up Whistle
7:45 Polar Bear Dip (optional)
8:15 Breakfast
9:00 Announcements/Sing Song
9:30 Tidy Tent
10:00 Activity Period 1
11:00 Activity Period 2
11:45 Free Swim
12:00 Hot Showers
12:30 Lunch
1:30 Rest Hour
2:30 Activity Period 3
3:30 Activity Period 4
4:15 Free Swim
4:30 Free Time, 4:30 Game, Guitar Club, Dance Club (Optional)
5:45 Dinner
6:45 Recreational Boating (Optional)
7:30 Evening Program
9:00-10:00 Lights Out (Staggered)

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2. Can I do every activity?

All activities are open to all campers. Biking and Off-Island Rock Climbing are open to Senior campers (13+).  Windsurfing and Kayaking require campers to have completed their Level 8 in swimming before they can participate, for safety reasons. Once you have achieved those qualifications, you can choose whatever activity you would like and go during any period of the day. Most activities have different skill levels that you can work on to get a Badge if you choose. Our flexible program gives you the choice to attend different activities, on different days. Everyone spends 1 activity period at Swimming doing their lessons.

3. Do I have to sign up for activities?

You do not need to sign up for the majority of camp activities. Mi-A-Kon-Da believes in letting you choose what activities interest you. There are certain activities that require campers to sign up each day, such as Wall Climbing and Windsurfing, which allows the activity to be run in small groups. Announcements will be made each morning to let you know if you need to sign up for these activities.

4. What if I don't know how to do the activities?

No worries! All of our activities involve instruction for beginners and no matter what level you’re at, someone will be there to help you.

5. Do we do any activities as a whole camp?

Yes, many of the Evening Programs (EPs) involve everyone coming together. These games and events are awesome! The Program Director and counsellors come up with creative ideas that involve everyone. Popular EPs include Monopoly, Capture the Flag, and Iron Chef. There are also special events such as Watersports Day, Cheer-Off and Banquet that are full-camp activities.

6. What are Driftwood, Center and Senior?

Driftwood, Center and Senior are the names of the sections that campers live in. What section you live in is based on your age, so your neighbours are friends your own age! As you get older, campers move from Driftwood Section, where the youngest campers live, to Center Section, and then Senior Section, where the oldest campers live.

7. If I come to camp with a friend, can I stay with them?

We’ll do our best! If you would like to be in a cabin group with a friend, please mark it down on your  tent request form and we will take note of your request when putting together the groups. We try our best to accommodate campers but please limit your requests to one or two friends. If you have friends at camp that are not in your section, don’t worry, there’s plenty of time to visit them while at camp.

8. Is there anything special I should bring to camp?

If you bring what is on the packing list you will be all set. We have a costume cupboard at camp that can be used for special days. Please leave valuables at home, we wouldn’t want them to get lost or broken.

9. What if I miss home?

It is completely natural and normal to miss your parents, siblings, pets and friends when you are away, especially if it is your first time at summer camp! Everybody at camp understands the feeling, you are not alone. You will have lots of support from your counsellor, the CITs, and your friends to keep you busy, safe, and having fun. In fact, our counsellors are specially trained to help campers who feel homesick. One of the best ways to feel better is to write a letter home about all the fantastic things you are doing at camp, and then get right back out there having fun! There is always so much happening at Mi-A-Kon-Da, your time at camp will fly by before you know it!

There are also many things you can do before you come to camp that will help you prepare for being away from home. Going on a practice overnight sleepover to a friend’s house, packing your camp bag yourself so you know exactly what equipment and clothes you’ll have at camp, or planning a visit to the camp with your parents before your session to see where you will be living are all great ways of preparing for life at camp.

10. Do I get any free time?

Yes, there are pockets of free time throughout the day, usually before or after meals. As well, there’s a rest hour after lunch. During free time, campers can go to Guitar or Dance club, play tetherball, go out in the paddleboat, write letters home, or hang out with friends! There is always something to do at camp.

11. Is the food good?

The food at Mi-A-Kon-Da is awesome! There’s always something for everyone so make room for seconds! All food is prepared fresh for each meal with a selection of main course, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Each meal is balanced and made with children in mind.

12. Will I have fun at Mi-A-Kon-Da?

ABSOLUTELY! Mi-A-Kon-Da is a great place to meet new friends, try new things and learn new skills. Be prepared for lots of exciting activities and adventures! We can’t wait to meet you!

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