Location FAQ

1. Where is the summer camp located?

Mi-A-Kon-Da is located on Birch Island, our 23-acre private property on Lake Wah Wash Kesh, 40 minutes north from Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada.

The Camp is surrounded by pine trees, granite rock shoreline and natural sand beaches. The property is used only for Camp Mi-A-Kon-Da and is a quiet and safe location, free from any motor vehicle traffic. The surrounding Crown Land ensures that our end of the lake is left natural and undeveloped.

Our pine forest, sunny clearings, sandy beaches and calm bays provide ample space for the instruction of all water and land activities. The lakes and forests of the Georgian Bay Recreational Reserve surround us. This vast wilderness is available for canoe tripping, kayaking and sailing excursions, picnicking, hiking and exploring.

2. How do the campers get to camp?

For campers and families that live in Southern Ontario, the best way to get to camp is either by driving or taking the bus. The majority of camper families choose to use the Mi-A-Kon-Da  coach bus service  to and from Toronto. Mi-A-Kon-Da draws children from around the world, some of our campers arrive by airplane into Toronto. All major airlines have an unaccompanied minor program and our staff will be there to greet them when they arrive at the airport.

3. Can the campers write home and can I send a letter or parcel?

Mail is an integral part of camp life and is a constant source of excitement for campers. Camp Mi-A-Kon-Da encourages campers to write letters home regularly and we hope that parents and friends will write as well. Letters and parcels are distributed on a daily basis. Parcels and letters may be sent by regular or Express Post. Purolator and other courier services do not deliver to camp. Please do not send food or have the children bring food to camp. Campers will have plenty of food and snacks throughout the day and food in tents encourages animals to become pests. We have a strict No Nut Policy.

Parcelled with Love offers a care package service for kids at camp.

4. How does your camp communicate with families during the summer?

Telephone – The summer camp number 905-516-9382 can be called at anytime throughout the summer. In the event that no one is available, leave a message and it will be returned as soon as possible. Campers are not allowed to bring or use phones at camp. We ask that they leave their phones and other electronics at home.

Email—The camp email, plamont@sympatico.com, will be checked on a daily basis while we are up at camp. Should you need to get in contact with camp management, you can send an email and we will respond promptly.

Camp visits – We provide parents/families with the opportunity to visit their camper and see the camp throughout the week. Visitors can enjoy a tour of the island from their camper, and share a meal with the camp. Visits should be booked in advance to ensure that your daughter is not out of camp on a canoe trip and to accommodate boat transportation and meal planning. There is a nominal cost per person for each visit. We recommend that first time campers and two week campers have visitors at the end of their two week stay. This allows them to enjoy the full experience of camp.

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