Every day at 4:30, counselors and 15 year-old campers in the leadership program run optional games for campers looking for extra excitement during their free time. Popular 4:30 games include Sardines, Spud and Soccer Baseball.

Speaking of excitement, Mi-A-Kon-Da Evening Programs (EP) are legendary! Every day at 7:30, campers play EP with their section, or as a full camp. The sky is the limit as counselors and campers all participate in creative and engaging games that push fun and excitement to the extreme! Campers compete in teams or with their tent in classic camp games such as Capture the Flag, Monopoly, Stealth or the “All-Camp Cattle Battle!”

Special events and traditional programs add excitement and variety to camp life: Watersports Day, Swim Around the Island, Mi-A-Kon-Da Night, Council Ring and Banquet are all examples of team activities and events at Mi-A-Kon-Da.

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