Staff and Campers


Assistant Director

Katelyn Cullum, Camp Mi-A-Kon-Da's Assistant Director

Katelyn Cullum is entering her 11th year here at Mi-A-Kon-Da and has attended camp since she was 10 years old. She has fulfilled a variety of roles throughout her years on staff including dishwasher, Driftwood and Centre counsellor, Arts and Crafts instructor as well as Program Director. In her current role as Assistant Director, Katelyn will help with overseeing day-to-day camp life and works closely with the Mi-A-Kon-da campers and counsellors. When Katelyn isn’t skipping around the island, playing the “root game” with fellow staff and campers, she is working as an Early Childhood Educator. Katelyn has a genuine passion for working with children of all ages and is eager to bring her experience in child development to Mi-A-Kon-Da.


Mi-A-Kon-Da counsellors are friendly, experienced, safety conscious and fun! 100% of our staff are former Mi-A-Kon-Da campers, so our counsellors are highly skilled, energetic and passionate about camp. The safety and well-being of their campers is their first priority–the majority of our staff are qualified lifeguards with First Aid and C.P.R. training. They enjoy teaching campers how to paddle a canoe, skip a sailboat, pitch a tent or bake over a campfire. They play, laugh and sing with their campers from morning dip until it is time to say goodnight.

On average, our staff have spent 9 summers at Mi-A-Kon-Da. By hiring experienced Mi-A-Kon-Da leaders, there is a consistent practice of the Mi-A-Kon-Da philosophy, values and skills; elements critical to our tradition. This is a key reason behind the strong bonds of friendship at our small, family-style Camp.


Camp Mi-A-Kon-Da is a summer home for girls ages seven to sixteen from Ontario, across Canada, and many countries around the world. Over the years, campers from such countries as Mexico, Germany, China and France have made Mi-A-Kon-Da their summer home.

We register 100 campers in each session. Our smaller camp size ensures a 1:3 counsellor-to-camper ratio, and allows for personalized and individualized support to campers. Privately owned and run, Mi-A-Kon-Da limits enrollment to 100 campers to ensure quality staffing and high-level programming that is accessible to everyone. This small-sized camp philosophy ensures that a true family atmosphere can be created, where personalized attention is prioritized and everyone gets to know one another as a friend.

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