Stepping Stones FAQ

1. Is the Stepping Stones schedule a regular Mi-A-Kon-Da camp day?

The days generally follow the typical camp schedule, but there will be additional activities added so that the girls can experience the most activities the camp offers in the short time they are here!

2. What will the food be like?

The food at Camp Mi-A-Kon-Da is great! We choose a kid-friendly menu for the weekend that includes options such as macaroni and cheese, chicken fingers with rice and veggies, and pizza. We always have a fully-stocked fruit bowl available in the Lodge, and we make sure to have LOTS of snacks. Camp can be hungry work!

3. Can parents come visit?

Yes!! On the final day of the Stepping Stones weekend, parents and family are encouraged to visit the island and spend a couple of hours with us. Parents will have the chance to get a tour of camp, see their daughter’s favourite activities, and meet the Mi-A-Kon-Da staff. We will serve lunch and there will be a chance to take group pictures before departing.

4. Can I bunk with a friend?

Yes, you can certainly bunk with a friend. Be sure to fill out the Camper Information Form with your friend request and we will do our best to make sure you and your buddy are cabin-mates.

5. Will the regular camp be in session during Stepping Stones?

No, Stepping Stones weekend happens before the camp opens for regular sessions. In addition to the Stepping Stones campers, there will be staff members, both the Director and Assistant Director, 2-3 kitchen staff members and our maintenance support staff on the island.

6. Do campers have to be 6 at the time of the camp weekend or can they be turning 6 that year?

The camper may be turning 6 that year.

7. Are Stepping Stones campers required to register for a two-week session in the same summer?

No, campers participating in Stepping Stones do not need to register for a 2-week session. Stepping Stones is intended to be an introduction to Mi-A-Kon-Da and our program so that when campers feel ready they may choose to come back the next summer for a 2-week session. Some campers may choose to attend a 2-week session the same summer after attending Stepping Stones depending on availability in sessions.

8. Who will be taking care of my daughter?

Your daughter will be in the reliable care of our most senior staff who have been working for us for 3-5 years. The counsellor-camper ratio will be higher than our regular 1:3, and the counsellors will be with their campers at all times throughout the weekend.

9. Where will the girls sleep when they are at camp?

The girls will be staying in cabins during their stay at Mi-A-Kon-Da. Each cabin has plenty of space and bunk beds for the girls to sleep in. Each camper has their own bed and there are 6-10 beds per cabin. The cabins all have large windows equipped with screens to give beautiful views of the lake and allow fresh air to make them more comfortable. During Stepping Stones, counsellors will stay in the cabins with the campers.

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