Why Choose Mi-A-Kon-Da

Sunrise on Wah-Wash-Kesh

“Once Discovered, Never Forgotten”

Tucked away on a private island in the heart of the Canadian Shield, Camp Mi-A-Kon-Da offers a traditional camping experience for young women in an unparalleled setting. 

Mi-A-Kon-Da campers learn outdoor skills, independence, respect for nature, and leadership. When they join our community of campers and staff, Mi-A-Kon-Da girls become part of the ongoing tradition of compassion, friendship, learning and fun that makes Camp Mi-A-Kon-Da unique!  

So, Why Choose Mi-A-Kon-Da?

1. Reputation and experience

Established in 1955 by Mary and Jock Liddell, Mi-A-Kon-Da has been in operation for over 60 years. Mi-A-Kon-Da is a well accredited camp with a strong reputation for having high caliber programs, caring and experienced staff members, and a unique location.

Camp Mi-A-Kon-Da is currently directed and owned by Pam Lamont and her husband, David Smith. Pam has been active in Mi-A-Kon-Da for over 30 years, starting from her own camper days with Mary Liddell, the founding director. Pam has a background in critical care nursing and has a Masters of Science Degree in Nursing Education.

2. Accredited by the Ontario Camping Association and a member of the Canadian Camping Association.

Mi-A-Kon-Da is an accredited member of the Ontario Camps Association, annually meeting and exceeding the organization’s industry standards for Programming, Healthcare, Staffing and more. Mi-A-Kon-Da is also a member of the Canadian Camping Association.

You can visit the website for the Ontario Camps Association here and the Canadian Camping Association here.

3. A strong belief in the importance and impact of resident camping on young girls

Camp allows young women to experience three major goals: learning, friendship and fun!

Each day campers participate in a wide variety of activities with energy, enthusiasm and creativity. Camp provides a healthy, positive environment for our campers to experience personal growth and to live in harmony with others and the natural world!

4. Our programming meets individual needs and differences

Mi-A-Kon-Da’s high counsellor to camper ratio allows campers to get the attention and encouragement they deserve. With so much of our camp program based on choice, campers are able to decide how they spend their time at Mi-A-Kon-Da.

Our campers enjoy the freedom to choose their own instructional program from a wide variety of activities. Campers are encouraged to try all of the activities and then proceed at her own rate to master those skills which interest her most.

5. Committed and experienced Staff

We’re very proud of the fact that our counsellors have grown up through the Mi-A-Kon-Da camper experience! This commitment and experience ensures that the values of the camp are maintained throughout the years.  Through our leadership training program, we are able to identify strengths so  our counsellors continue to develop as leaders.

Mi-A-Kon-Da staff are qualified and knowledgeable individuals. The majority of counselors have their NLS and Standard First Aid training as well as high skill levels in the activities they teach.

6. Our campers

Camp Mi-A-Kon-Da is a summer home for girls ages seven to sixteen from Ontario, across Canada, and many countries around the world. We register 100 campers in each session and over 80% of our campers return each summer. Campers are assigned a counsellor when they arrive and live in tent groups of 4 – 5 girls.

7. Our tasty, nutritious Food

Meals are an important part of an active camper’s day. All meals are prepared fresh and alternate menus are prepared for vegetarians and campers with dietary restrictions. Healthy and nutritious food is always served, including a wide variety of fresh farmers’ market produce at every meal.

8. Location

Camp Mi-A-Kon-Da is located on its own private island on Lake Wah Wash Kesh.  The island location allows for privacy, tranquility and plenty of space to play, but is within close driving distance to Parry Sound, Huntsville and North Bay. Mi-A-Kon-Da is surrounded by undeveloped Crown Land and Provincial Park land–ideal areas for canoe tripping and exploring.

See Birch Island for more information on our unique location!

9. Girls only

There are many great advantages to the single-gender camp model. The all-girls environment at Mi-A-Kon-Da provides a safe and supportive space for girls to grow and mature feeling valued, confident and capable. Girls learn cooperation, independence and an appreciation for their natural surroundings.

See Why an All-Girls Camp for more detail.

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